Setting Your Goals

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia, until we become enslaved by it“ – Robert Heinlein

Welcome to the Game of Milestones

Below is a basic yet powerful, clearly defined plan that you can follow as a guide along your journey. The plan is based on exponential growth and each mile is a doubling period from the previous mile. The path will become more difficult as you advance along your journey. You must harness the knowledge and embrace the belief to overcome the obstacles that lay in your way.

This is Possible

Some say this journey is impossible, but there are nearly 12 million Millionaire Households, over 600 Billionaires and countless numbers in the Financially Independent Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) crowd that have paved the path before you. You just need to find your way. It’s a mindset and your mindset can be changed by you in the blink of an eye if you desire it to be.

Earning money is a game.

  • Everyone starts with $0.
  • The first penny must be earned to begin your journey.
  • Each Mile has a Toll amount that must be achieved (Not Paid).
  • When the Toll amount is achieved you can advance to the next Mile.
  • There are no speeding limits, everyone moves at their own pace.
  • We will provide you with opportunities for multiple sources of income in our free course that have worked best for us.

Let the Journey Begin!

MILE 1 – $0.01
MILE 2 – $0.02
MILE 3 – $0.04
MILE 4 – $0.08
MILE 5 – $0.16
MILE 6 – $0.32
MILE 7 – $0.64

MILE 08 – $ 1.28
MILE 09 – $ 2.56
MILE 10 – $ 5.12
MILE 11 – $10.24
MILE 12 – $20.48
MILE 13 – $40.96
MILE 14 – $81.92

MILE 15 – $ 163.84
MILE 16 – $ 327.68
MILE 17 – $ 655.36
MILE 18 – $ 1,310.72
MILE 19 – $ 2,621.44
MILE 20 – $ 5,242.88
MILE 21 – $10,485.76

MILE 22 – $ 20,971.52
MILE 23 – $ 41,943.04
MILE 24 – $ 83,886.08
MILE 25 – $ 167,772.16
MILE 26 – $ 335,544.32
MILE 27 – $ 671,088.64
MILE 28 – $1,342,177.28

MILE 29 – $ 2,684,354.56
MILE 30 – $ 5,368,709.12
MILE 31 – $10,737,418.24
Looking at this Journey in it’s entirety, its easy to say it can’t be done. People will tell you it can’t be done. Don’t listen.

Know, that where ever you are on this journey, you have already completed what you need to get to the next milestone. You just have to do it again. The difference is that you are smarter, faster with better tools then before.

This is an example and does not guarantee future results. Results will vary

“I noticed a crack between the rock and the snow sticking to the East Face. I crawled inside and wriggled and jammed my way to the top … Tenzing slowly joined me and we moved on. I chopped steps over bump after bump, wondering a little desperately where the top could be. Then I saw the ridge ahead dropped away to the north and above me on the right was a rounded snow dome. A few more whacks with my ice-axe and Tenzing and I stood on top of Everest.” Two Generations

What is Your “WHY?”?

We have the milestones and goals laid out clearly but you must have a reason for doing this if you are going to achieve your final milestone. This is simply called your “WHY?”. Your “WHY?” is the passion that will drive you past the obstacles that you encounter along your journey. Write it down every day with your goal, change it, add to it, complete it… your success depends on your “WHY?” It has to be important enough for you to drive through, over or around the toughest roadblocks.

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