Starting Line

“You never change things by fighting an existing reality…to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” – Buckminster Fuller

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  1. Starting Line – Getting started is the most important part of the game. It’s where you train and prepare your mental state of being, while reducing any obstacles or road blocks you can see or imagine before you start your journey. Know where you are and know where you want to be. Most of the stuff during the journey, you don’t know even exists yet, but by starting you will learn it.
  2. The Game of Milestones – In the most basic essence it’s just about laying out a plan on a road map, your starting line and your finish line while breaking each goal into a smaller more acheivable interval called Milestones. One of the greatest significances of this plan is that what ever Milestone you are on, you have already made it half way to the next. Mile 16 – $327.68 is already halfway to Mile 17 – $655.36, or Mile 25 – $167,772.16 is already halfway to Mile 26 – $335,544.32. You just have to duplicate what you have already done. Knowing that there are thousands of people who have done this and paved the path before you should give you all the confidence you need on your journey. We will be with you every step of the way.
  3. Crush Your Expenses – Before you start, it is important to realize that you cannot cut your expenses to wealth or the finish line. But cutting or even eliminating your expenses with other sources of income will make your vehivle lighter, faster and a more manuverible machine on your journey to wealth and freedom.
  4. Fund Your Lifestyle – Is about creating passive streams of income from multiple sources including micro businesses and or investment. Over time, you will realize the greatest source of income will come from business, used to fund your investments and your lifestyle.
  5. Earn With Shop – You will find Earn with Shop components in both Crush Your Expenses and Fund Your Lifestyle. Here we focus on the driver and exponential growth from investing in people through affilaite marketing, referral marketing and network maketing.
  6. Blog – Most of our posts will be discussions about video’s from the Masters who know the landscape we havn’t seen or come to understand yet. Great wisdom comes from the experience and learning from the experienced.

The Real Secret to Wealth

When I show people Bob Proctor’s video on “The Real Secret to Wealth”, they watch it and immediately know that people working for money is not a path to create wealth because they run out of time. This is not in any way a put down for working a job, in fact I’m about as blue collar as they come. Nor am I putting down the 45 year retirement plan that includes saving a percentage of your paycheck to take care of yourself during old age, that is a prudent and self-sufficient way to prepare for the unknown future. The viewers immediately jump to putting money to work by investing and most unfortunately realize, they don’t have enough money to create wealth with investment either.

As Bob Procter explains, there are only two different ways to earn money, people at work and money at work. Most don’t have enough time or money to truly create wealth from either alone. But there are three strategies and the third strategy can be a true path to wealth, which involves setting up multiple sources of income. In short, Bob is talking about business and many can be turnkey micro businesses which you can start and have business all over the world and you can have it today if your heart desires! Strategy #3, which Bob calls M3 is a strategy that can multiply your time and money. Watch the video, I watch it almost every day, the simple meaning is crucial if you are to create wealth to support the lifestyle of your dreams.

About Bob Procter 

Bob Procter born July 5th, 1934 – February 3rd, 2022, was a Businessman and Founder of The Proctor Gallagher institute, Author of New York Times Best Seller “You Were Born Rich”, contributor to the film “The Secret” and Speaker who has been teaching millions to overcome their obstacles and reach their goals since 1961. Bob’s teachings live on within the people he has taught and touched through the years and from the Proctor Gallagher Institute continued by Bob’s Partner Sandy Gallagher.